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September 20, 2017

Aussi Cock-Up

by duncanr

the Australian Bureau of Statistics has sent out 16+ million surveys eliciting australians’ view on legalising same-sex marriage – someone forgot, however, to check the barcode on the forms . . .


either someone’s been a bit naughty or computers are more sentient than we give them credit for and have a hitherto unsuspected sense of humour –

July 7, 2017

Why you should buy your T-shirts in pairs

by allthoughtswork

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May 25, 2017

Foolish Woman

by duncanr


May 19, 2017

Marriage is . . .

by duncanr

more tweets on marriage here –

May 17, 2017

Armed Woman Gate-Crashed Wedding

by duncanr

an arranged marriage in India didn’t quite go to plan – [well, the bride’s plan anyway] – when another woman kidnapped – [did she really?] – the groom at gunpoint

full story here –

February 19, 2017

Guy Makes Arse of Himself

by duncanr

guy picked a shopping mall in brazil to pop the question to his girlfriend but . . .

January 2, 2017

Meanwhile, in Japan . . .

by duncanr

fryingpan-assault220 years of blissful married life for a woman was shattered by a single word from her husband –

November 19, 2016

Congratulations to Mrs Muller

by duncanr

happy-coupleone of the madhatter admins has been keeping a secret from the others – the little shit our s.african admin got married recently and telt no-one

her excuse for keeping everybody in the dark is that her change of status was as much a surprise to her

never knew I was getting married until a few minutes before

as it is to us hearing about it weeks afterwards

it was a month ago, but I could only tell people now as we had to get certain paperwork in order (my darling hubby arranged everything but forgot a few minor details)

bet he didn’t forget to get the beer in!

anyways, congratulations to Julie and Eddie – hope you continue to have a long and happy life together !

September 4, 2016

Why Get Married?

by duncanr

something to do with marshmallows, apparently, according to this video . . .

April 9, 2016

Leftover Women

by duncanr

lucky with menthe average age at which a woman gets married varies from country to country and historically over time within the same country

as economic prosperity of a country increases and the status of women within that country improves, e.g., equal access to education and employment opportunities, equal social and political rights, greater economic independence, the age at which women chose to get married has increased

in some cultures, however, a woman is still regarded as ‘incomplete’ unless she has a man

in China, for instance, a woman who has not married by the time she is . . .

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