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November 7, 2018

This may explain tomorrow’s election results

by allthoughtswork

November 3, 2018

Starting watching at 51:35 and VOTE, damnit!

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October 15, 2018

How are you a hipster? Let me count the ways

by allthoughtswork

We are doomed


The slim fit plaid shirt. That’s been worn twice.

The slim fit dark denim. Worn twice.

Those cuffs. Jesus.

The patent leather boots, still shiny and fooling no one.

Wearing a watch instead of a Fitbit, to be ironic.

Only skin color on entire body gracing the arm he rests along the driver’s side window of his millennialmobile.

Too cool to read the instructions on the hand truck, hunh, Kody?

March 10, 2018

Social media: Never used it, never will

by allthoughtswork

I’ll climb on any soap box at the drop of a hat and give you an earful about the cerebral evils of social media. The closest I come to chasing that dragon is You Tube but 98% of the videos I watch on there are instructive and educational. The rest I get from Duncan.

December 3, 2017


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Kids these days

September 24, 2017

Millennial females explained

by allthoughtswork

Iliza Shlesinger is fucking hilarious, how did I not know about this comedian until now? Speed up to 1:25 and steady yourself for some spit-takes.

September 24, 2017

What a bunch of ding-dongs

by allthoughtswork

If they order pizza just before their phone goes dead, they stand in a darkened room until they starve to death. Natural selection at its best.