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June 22, 2016

Free Nurse Schadenfreude!

by NobblySan

I was wondering why we hadn’t heard from our old (very!) friend Nurse Schadenfreude for a while.

She appears to be in a spot of bother, doubtless as the result of a badly-handled police investigation culminating in serious injustice meted out at the hands of some corrupt Johnny foreigner legal system.

The BBC broke the news, thus:-

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August 31, 2012

Introducing . . .

by duncanr

In a typically characteristic and selfless act, once again demonstrating MH’s awareness of its social responsibilities, we now offer a service for readers’ with personal problems. This takes the form of a caring and confidential Advice Column, counselling the desperate and (purely unintentionally, of course) generating more daily hits and increasing advertising revenue.

To this end we are fortunate in securing the services of one Nurse Schadenfreude to take on the demanding role of Agony Aunt.

It is appropriate that we familiarise you with Nurse Schadenfreude’s background. Unfortunately, little is known. She herself, is a very private person and not at all forthcoming. All we have are unsubstantiated rumours suggesting that she is the result of . . .

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