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October 29, 2017

Squash buckling pumpkin race

by allthoughtswork

Yep, it’s the Annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta. Decidedly Portland. Okay, technically, Tualatin, but it’s close enough to count and copycat states (I’m lookin’ at you, Maine) can suck it.

October 27, 2017

Except we pronounce it “Florida”

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October 3, 2017

Why America will never relinquish its guns

by allthoughtswork

August 29, 2017

Do not adjust your set

by allthoughtswork

Related imageFolks, I’m going to take a brief side trip from humor to share with you something serious that happened last week. I’ve been given permission to repeat it here on the proviso that all identifying details be omitted.

This is all true.

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August 11, 2017

That Walmart needed prodding is telling

by allthoughtswork

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July 30, 2017

Republican philosophy decoded

by allthoughtswork

July 15, 2017

If we combine these two, the situation could resolve itself

by allthoughtswork

July 8, 2017

“the politics of an era in one frame”

by allthoughtswork

Image result for new jersey beach shutdown aerial photo

Yup, Edward Snowden summed that up nicely.

One of our more grotesque politicians (and that’s really saying something during this administration), Chris Christie, ordered a beach closed to the general public for a government shutdown during our largest, most popular national holiday, then parked his voluminous ass right in the center of it:

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May 30, 2017

Psst! Hey, buddy, I got some magic beans to sell ya

by allthoughtswork


Yes, this is real and ‘Muricans¬†really are this gullible. In fact, too gullible….

December 13, 2015

Please let this be a wind up . . .

by NobblySan

Surely nobody Рeven allowing for the fact that these idiots are from the land of Donald Trump Рcan be this bloody stupid.

What’s Nobbly ranting about?

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