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June 18, 2017

Nothing to see here, folks . . .

by duncanr

just a dad putting a shoe on his 2 year old son

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April 26, 2017

The Mother With 1,400 Children . . .

by duncanr

282 sons-in-law, 49 daughters-in-law and hundreds of grandchildren

read more about Sindhutai Sapkal here

February 22, 2017

Copi and Paste

by duncanr

saddened by the realisation that his son, Paste, is losing his childhood joy and enthusiasm for the world as he comes more and more to resemble himself, Copi decides to bring some colour back into his life and that of his son . . .

June 20, 2016

Heroes Never Retire

by duncanr

Sholay is one of THE great Hindi films

if you haven’t seen it, think a hindi version of the Seven Samurai/Magnificent 7 – only in Sholay, the heroes are 2 petty criminals recruited by village headman to capture Gabbar Singh – chief of local bandits terrorising the village

after some of his men, gone to collect a tribute from the villagers, are turned back by our two heroes, Gabbar reacts with incredulity when told how few they were

with that necessary background, you’ll better understand this short film produced to mark Father’s Day in India . . .

June 19, 2016

A Special Dad

by duncanr

my Father’s Day pressie from the two youngest grandkids was a box of dates . . .

fathers day dates

and a card

I was impressed – aged 9 month and 2.1/2 yr, their handwriting and spelling is better than mine !

no doubt lots of dads will be getting presents today from their kids but if all this dad’s daughters give him a present the Indian postal service will collapse under the strain –

June 9, 2016

To Brock Turner’s Father

by duncanr

convicted sex offender

convicted sex offender

a couple of days ago, Madhatters posted about a young man, Brock Turner, found guilty on 3 charges of violating an unconscious woman’s body –

his dad appealed to the judge to deal lightly with his son (successfully it would seem given the unduly lenient sentence passed on him by the judge) – arguing he was a good kid and a prison sentence would damage his future career prospects and would be a disproportionate punishment for a mere 20 minutes of ‘action’

his lack of concern for – or apparent understanding of the long-term damage his son’s 20 minutes of action may have for – the woman his son violated prompted this open letter addressed to him by another dad . . .

June 3, 2016

Parent – Child Reunion

by duncanr

a baby otter separated from its mother by high tide was reunited with its mother by the Marine Mammal Center in San Luis Obispo, California –

this isn’t the only family reunion in the news right now, of course

over in Japan, a 7 year old boy who . . .

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May 25, 2016

The Arrival

by duncanr

while waiting to meet someone in a cafe, a woman ponders a decision she soon must make . . .

May 14, 2016

Judges Support Parents

by duncanr

judge over rules teachersmy dad was a shunter in the railways when I was in school

he had no choice as to when he took his 2 week ‘summer’ holidays

there was a roster system and he was advised by management when he was allowed his 2 week off that year – sometimes his ‘summer’ holiday was a miserable two fucken weeks in April

nae problem, though, he wrote a note to our teachers and we spent 2 weeks bonding as a family, ‘enjoying’ ourselves in a primitive caravan on a rain-swept camp site in not-so-sunny Arbroath, with a . . .

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March 21, 2016

A Mother’s Protective Instinct

by duncanr

this mum doesn’t hesitate when her cub gets into trouble . . .