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June 23, 2019

The key to any sport is practice

by allthoughtswork

June 18, 2019

Can you swim in shade balls?

by allthoughtswork

June 1, 2019

How to make The Rock look like a pebble

by allthoughtswork

Easy To Forget How Big NBA Players Are - The Rock Is 6'5, 265 Pounds


May 12, 2019

I remember him taking home the gold….

by allthoughtswork

Didn’t think it was possible to love Greg Louganis more or respect Barbara Walters less but I was wrong.

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April 10, 2019

Wrestling patch or “wrestling” patch?

by allthoughtswork

My Friend's Wrestling Patch Looks Like Something Else


March 30, 2019

Freestyle Canoeing

by duncanr

something oddly balletic and mesmerising about this ‘performance’

February 25, 2019

What athletes are really thinking

by allthoughtswork

Now that one dad’s done it, a million more will follow suit, so the internet will get a lot funnier for about two weeks, then degrade into horrifyingly profane one-upmanship.

Which doesn’t change things much.

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February 22, 2019

Kayaking? That’s a Hell No for me.

by allthoughtswork

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February 5, 2019

Not-so-Super Bowl

by allthoughtswork

The Super Bowl in one picture


Zoom way in and you’ll see that my house is purple: “Had No Idea It Was Even Sunday.”

January 27, 2019

Mental break from the headlines, y’all

by allthoughtswork

Daily Dose of Internet is random, eclectic, and highly addictive. You’ve been warned.