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January 14, 2017

UK: Winter Weather Warning

by duncanr


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March 20, 2014

AA Bike Safety Campaign

by duncanr

royalty-free-bicycle-clipart-illustration-46425_120Some years ago, I was involved in a RTA (road traffic accident)

Cycling home from work, I was descending a steep hill on a dual carriage-way

At the bottom of the hill, A car was waiting to emerge from a side street, and cross over to the other side of the road

As I got closer, I clearly saw the driver look in my direction to . . .

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April 8, 2010

A.A. talks breakdown

by duncanr

Having driven a company car for a number of years, I’ve never had to worry about breakdowns – Company had an account with the AA.

Now that I’ve given the company car up, I’ve been meaning to take out personal ‘breakdown cover. After putting it off for a while, I determinedly sat down with the laptop last night and a pen and notepad. I carefully compared the services on offer by both the RAC and the AA. I selected the package I wanted – roadside repair, relay, home start and compared prices. Taking into account special offers and online discounts etc, the AA came out £8 a year cheaper than the rival RAC. I filled in the onscreen form, gave details of my bank account, clicked the submit button and within seconds I had an email confirming my payment had been accepted and quoting my new AA membership number and emergency phone number to call if I needed to call them out.

I went to bed satisfied that a job I had been putting off was finally done and with the piece of mind that comes from knowing that I no longer needed to worry about the car breaking down and being stranded.

That piece of mind was shattered this morning when I was catching up on the news and read that AA members have just voted to go on strike !!!

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