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August 16, 2019

Coyote Pup Rescued

by duncanr

An amateur botanist got more than he expected when he took a stroll through the fields and came across an abandoned coyote puppy in desperate need of his help

hope a follow-up video lets us know how the pup is doing now !

August 10, 2019

I’d ‘ave done the same

by duncanr

as a dog lover/’owner’, I get really upset when I hear about dogs being mistreated/abandoned by their ‘owners’

fortunately for this young huskie, one of the police officers who responded to a call from a member of the public about a dog tied to a fence in a vacant lot fell in love with the dog and persuaded his wife to adopt ‘Rizzo’

March 16, 2019

Extreme Rail Biking

by duncanr

stunning scenery riding these abandoned railtracks on specially modified bikes but a bit heart-in-mouth stuff in some parts . . .


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September 28, 2016

The Cat Man of Aleppo

by duncanr

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel is known as the ‘Cat Man’ in Aleppo

before war broke out in Syria, he was an electrician, but now Mohammad drives an ambulance ferrying the sick and injured to hospital, and in his ‘spare time’ feeds and provides shelter for cats left behind when their owners fled the city –

June 3, 2016

Parent – Child Reunion

by duncanr

a baby otter separated from its mother by high tide was reunited with its mother by the Marine Mammal Center in San Luis Obispo, California –

this isn’t the only family reunion in the news right now, of course

over in Japan, a 7 year old boy who . . .

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March 31, 2016

3 Dogs Dumped by Owner

by duncanr

could be many reasons – some outwith a person’s control – that lead a dog owner to decide they can no longer look after their dog(s)

dumping them in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, however, instead of placing them for rehoming with an animal welfare shelter is not the answer – how could anyone throw these 3 loveable dogs out on the street ?

would be a shame to split these dogs up – hopefully someone will come forward and adopt all 3

April 12, 2015

Mum Abandons Disabled Son in Woods for 5 days

by duncanr

a 41 yr woman in Philadelphia – who is a strong contender for ‘mother of the year’- has been arrested after abandoning her quadriplegic son, who also suffers from cerebral palsy, in a forest for five days with just a blanket and Bible — while she visited her boyfriend in another State

unbelievable that any mother could do this – even more unbelievable that a mother who professes to be some sort of christian (if the bible she left with her son is anything to go by) could do so !

January 6, 2015


by duncanr

as a dog lover, stories like this break my heart –


a small consolation is that he does not appear to have been mistreated and the presence of the suitcase with his favourite belongings suggests he was loved by the owner who abandoned him as a result of circumstances we know nothing about

November 15, 2013

Parenting FAIL

by duncanr

naughty boy being sent awayLet’s not pretend otherwise for fear of being judged a bad parent

Let’s be brutally honest – kids are not always good. Sometimes they can be right little b*stards !

None of us are ‘perfect’ as a parent and we have all at times (understandably), lost our patience, been driven up the wall by their behaviour, and may have yelled screamed sworn at raised our voices to the little gob-shites

[Clashes of wills, temperament, opinions are all part of family life]

However tempting the idea might . . .

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