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August 10, 2019

I’d ‘ave done the same

by duncanr

as a dog lover/’owner’, I get really upset when I hear about dogs being mistreated/abandoned by their ‘owners’

fortunately for this young huskie, one of the police officers who responded to a call from a member of the public about a dog tied to a fence in a vacant lot fell in love with the dog and persuaded his wife to adopt ‘Rizzo’

August 13, 2015

Dog vs iPhone

by duncanr

“Today our children are spending more time on technology than ever before, resulting in less family bonding and an impact on physical health. The UK’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust is making the issue a top priority by highlighting the benefits of dog ownership for the whole family

“. . . their Get A Dog campaign (is intended) to inspire families to start making technology-free memories this summer by adopting a dog” (Presurfer)

December 6, 2014

Another Shaggy Dog Story

by duncanr

I’m a sucker for any story about dogs !

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November 15, 2014


by duncanr

I put my hands up and openly confess I love dogs

If ever I won the lottery, I’d donate a large chunk of my winnings to charities that rescue and rehome stray dogs !

September 19, 2014

Nurse Adopts Patient’s Son

by duncanr

I’m not going to write any preamble to this vid

just watch . . . and if you’re anything like me – be sure to have some tissues handy !

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March 9, 2014

Feeling Unloved ?

by duncanr

November 14, 2008


by noseycow

Hippos have existed in the wild for 20 million years or 10 times longer than humans. Hippos are curious and intelligent, they are the second largest land mammal on the planet, after the elephant, and can weigh as much as 6000lb. Gregarious by nature, typically appearing in herds of 10 to 20 animals at a time, are not only conspicuous by their size but by the chorus of unique honks and snorts which maty be heard for several kilometers.



Spending as much s 18 to 20 hours of their day in water that is often filled with silt and strewn with reeds or boulders, their social habits are not well understood. Eyes, ears, nostrils and occasionally backside appear above the surface before submerging and reappearing elsewhere minutes later. Hiippo behaviors largely occur underwater and out of sight to observers on the shore. The minimal amount of time they spend on land is either used sleeping or out feeding in the dark of night when following the animals can become perilous.


For Christmas this year why not Adopt a Hippo?



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