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May 29, 2017

Lazy Lovers

by duncanr

and other ads . . .


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April 20, 2017

Just a Suggestion

by duncanr

via Krisgo

August 13, 2016

Trump Supporters Focus Group

by duncanr

the depressing thing about the arseholes in the above video is that they are real trump supporters and not actors – the only fakery being the spoof ads and the trump impersonator –

September 21, 2014

One Law for Some . . .

by duncanr

jew and muslimamerica – land of the free, equal opportunity, etc

bollocks !

talk about hypocrisy ?

Anti-Islamic adverts are to appear on New York buses next week, funded by a pro-Israel group with a history of provocative campaigns

“The American Freedom Defense Initiative has run similar advertisements before, heading off criticism that they enflame public feelings towards Muslims by citing the first amendment’s guarantee of free speech”

“However, one (ad) was rejected by New York’s transport authority, for fear it would be seen as a call to violence against Jews”

Hhmmm, so carrying ads that might encourage violence against Jews is a ‘no-no’ but ads that might encourage violence against Muslims is O.K. ?

way to go, USA !

January 28, 2012

How to Remove Ads from Youtube

by duncanr