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November 10, 2014

How NOT to Treat your Friends

by duncanr

Iraqis and Afghanis who worked as translators for the US and Allied forces risked their own and their family’s lives by doing so

one would think a debt of gratitude was owing them then and a moral obligation exist to ensure their safety when the troops withdraw from their country

judge for yourself whether that is the case

I’d like to think translators who worked for the UK forces were treated a bit better than those who worked for the americans – but I am not confident in assuming so !

January 21, 2014

Afghan Police Vandalise Cars

by duncanr

stock-vector-mascot-illustration-of-a-shocked-flat-tire-with-air-leaking-out-120662899Car bombs are a favourite weapon of the Taliban and their allies in Afghanistan but the Afghan police have a cunning plan to counter these attacks

There has been a mixed response to the cunning plan, however

a.) The Taliban are mildly irritated at the inconvenience
b.) Car owners are f*cken pissed off (and out of pocket)
c.) The police are quite pleased
d.) Mechanics are rubbing their hands with glee (and counting the afghanis)

Details of the cunning plan here –

December 7, 2013

Sgt Alexander Blackman : Murder is Murder

by duncanr

soldierSgt Alexander Blackman , the Royal Marine who dragged a wounded Afghan fighter from an open field into the shelter of a wooded area – where action on the ground would not be visible to the cameras on a hovering helicopter – then deliberately and cold-heartedly killed him with a bullet fired into his chest, has been found guilty of murder and sentenced to spend a minimum of 10 years in prison before being eligible for parole

Sgt Blackman has . . .

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November 10, 2013

UK Marine Guilty of Murder

by duncanr

prisonerA court martial has found a UK marine serving in Afghanistan guilty of murdering a wounded Taliban fighter, in clear violation of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of wounded captives

Sentence has not yet been passed, but the marine could be sentenced to ‘life in prison’

Some folk, however, (e.g., Maj Gen Thompson) are arguing for a more lenient sentence (say, 5 years), citing the pressures of war, heat of the moment, moment of madness

The problem I have with this defence is that . . .

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September 17, 2012

Love Story

by duncanr

Love is more than wine, roses, and candlelit dinners. It is more than walking hand in hand in the moonlight or making love on a deserted beach.

Love is being with someone and caring for them when dementia robs them of their memory and they don’t recognise you or know your name.

Love is cleaning your partner’s arse when cancer robs them of their dignity and the ability to control their bodily functions

Love is caring for someone so much that you are there for them when they need you most

Love is . . . like Danielle Kelly and Taylor Morris (see

July 9, 2012

Afghan Woman Executed for Adultery

by duncanr

Reuters news agency has been given a video showing an Afghan woman accused of adultery being executed – apparently by the Taliban

As far as I know, it takes two people to commit adultery. If the Taliban view adultery as such a heinous offence it merits punishment by death, can we expect to see another video showing the man she committed adultery with being similarly executed?

I rather think not !

April 18, 2012

Mohammad Ashan : Not a Full Shilling ?

by duncanr

There is an expression in the UK ‘Not a Full Shilling’ that is used sometimes to describe a person who is somewhat lacking in intelligence

Such an expression might fit the likes of Mohammad Ashan, for instance.

A Taliban commander with . . .

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March 20, 2012

Sgt Robert Bales : I know Nothing

by duncanr

Let’s stop all this pussyfooting around with talk of Sgt Bales ‘allegedly‘ murdering 16 Afghan civilians – men, women, and children – in their beds

The Bastard slaughtered these people

He conveniently has amnesia for the period covering the killings

Since he was whisked away from Afghanistan and back to the USA, there have been a barrage of reports designed to evoke sympathy for Bales – he has been portrayed as an all-american good family guy, wouldn’t hurt a fly. Yeah, right – this is the guy who defrauded a couple of their life savings before he joined the US Army and was ordered to pay $1.5 million in restitution (he has not repaid a single penny). This is the same guy ordered to attend anger management class after various violent scuffles with the law. Then there was a ‘hit and run’ incident

We’ve heard about his . . .

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January 13, 2012

Pissing Marines Identified

by duncanr

The Pentagon has confirmed the vid of marines urinating of dead afghan fighters is genuine and identified some of the men filmed in the vid

January 12, 2012

US Marines Piss on Afghan Corpses

by duncanr

A video has been posted online showing 4 US Marines pissing on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.

The US is investigating the authenticity of the Vid amid fears that the vid will create a backlash against the US amongst Muslims which may endanger the lives of American personnel serving in Afghanistan