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September 26, 2012

Religion vs Freedom of Speech

by duncanr

It is hard not to be aware of the violent reaction in recent days amongst some muslims over a 3rd rate amateur video made in the USA which reportedly (few if any protestors have actually seen the film themselves) mocks the prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

This is a pattern that is becoming more frequent of late. Some sad little man of little significance grabs headlines by deliberately insulting islam in order to provoke a reaction and demonstrate that islam is a religion of hate and it’s followers a bunch of violent hoodlums. And like puppets having their strings pulled, muslims do exactly as intended.

It’s time Muslims learned that . . .

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January 8, 2010

Thick bastards

by NobblySan

The propensity for human nature to show its worst possible side wherever religion is concerned, never ceases to both amaze and appall me.

Some time ago, the courts in Malaysia ruled that the word ‘Allah’ could be used by any religion to mean ‘God’. This pissed off the local Muslims, who reckoned that it was not only their word for god, but it was part of a cynical plot to lure young muslims away from their faith and into christianity.

This has now degenerated into fire bombings of churches in Kuala Lumpur, ahead of a planned protest march.

All this over the use of a five letter word! Nothing has changed in any of the religious documents or doctrines involved, no-one has been banned from doing, saying or believing anything, so why do people feel the need to get all aggrieved and aggresive about things?

What the fuck is it with religion that brings out the worst in people?