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November 8, 2016

Wife Surprises Husband in Shower

by duncanr

July 23, 2015

NASA Finds Earth’s Cousin

by duncanr

_84449889_84449888NASA has announced the existence of an ‘earth-like’ planet a mere 1400 light years away –

while a lot of folk are naturally excited about this news and the implications – [fuck climate change, we’ve got a spare planet now] – others may not be as enthusiastic about the prospect of humans moving to another planet – click here

January 16, 2014

The Arrival Trailer

by duncanr

Brandon Pitts and his wife would like you to know – something’s cooking

January 25, 2012

Alex Salmond Announces Referendum Question on Scotland’s Future

by duncanr

Leader of the Scottish National Party and Leader of the Scottish Government, Alex Salmond, chose today – the anniversary of the birth of Rabbie Burns (Scotland’s national Bard) to announce details of the Referendum to be held in 2014 for the people of Scotland to decide whether they wish to continue as part of the UK or become once again an independent nation