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July 29, 2019

Macy’s is selling the Anorexia Starter Plate

by allthoughtswork

The plates in Macy's

Well, they were but they pulled it. Thinking adults had to explain to them why it was a stupid idea. Macy’s, you suck.

PS: That center circle is about 2 inches wide. Hope two chicken nuggets does it for you.

September 6, 2011

Sex Toy Cure for Anorexia

by duncanr

This is a question to female MadHatters – how gullible are you?

If you had an eating disorder and went to a doctor for help, would you strip naked in front of him if asked ?

Would you open your legs wide to show him your vagina?

Would you believe him when he told you taking photographs of your vagina was a form of ‘alternative medicine’ designed to cure your anorexia ?

Would you . . .

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