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June 6, 2017

Pointless Invention?

by duncanr

some guy has invented a decanter that will keep wine ‘fresh’ for up to 12 days after it is opened – and has launched a kickstarter appeal for investors to enable him to bring the product to market –

frankly, I’m astonished – who takes 12 days to drink a bottle of wine?

I open a bottle, it’s empty a couple of hours later (at most) and I’m looking to open another one

but if you are someone who doesn’t finish off a bottle of wine the same day you open it, buy a bottle with a screw-top instead of a cork or use a

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May 11, 2016

These are Our Children

by duncanr

2 years ago, in March 2014, madhatters posted a powerful video by the charity ‘Save the Children

under the tagline – just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening – the video charted the fate of a young girl after a hypothetical war engulfs the UK in order to raise awareness here of the plight of children fleeing the conflict in Syria –

the charity has now released a 2nd video continuing ‘Lily’s story to highlight the trauma and horrific experiences child refugees in Europe have gone through and their need for our help and support

as the charity says – This is our world. These are our children. We must ensure child refugees are not forgotten.

donations to the Child Refugee Crisis Appeal can be made here –

October 11, 2015

Love Letters

by duncanr

an elderly woman being cared for in a Myton hospice asked a nurse to read her all the love letters her late husband had written over the years to her

shortly afterwards, she passed away

this animation tells her story

more info re Myton Hospices here –

May 23, 2015

A Man and his Dog

by duncanr

might want to have a hanky handy for this one, folks !

August 9, 2014

Support the DEC Gaza Appeal

by duncanr

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February 21, 2014

Would you give a Child your Coat?

by duncanr

A young boy sits at a bus stop in Norway. It is freezing cold. He has no warm clothing and is shivering. Several adults ask if he is O.K. and offer him their coats and scarfs

The video shows how adults will spontaneously seek to help a child (even if it is unknown to them) if they see that child is in trouble

The video is part of a campaign by the Norwegian branch of the SOS Children’s Villages International charity to raise awareness of the need of children made homeless by the fighting in Syria for warm clothing –

You can find out about the work SOS Children’s Villages International does and how you can help, if you wish to, here –

December 2, 2013

Save a Snowman this Xmas

by duncanr

November 28, 2013

Christian Couple Lose Appeal to Supreme Court

by duncanr

no gay signI am old enough to remember a time when it was quite common in some parts of the UK to see signs on doors or on windows, or in adverts  placed by landlords looking for tenants to rent a property that said words to the effect of ‘No Irish or Coloureds Need Apply’

Thankfully these days are long gone. We have laws now that make such discrimination illegal

Why do i mention this?

A Christian couple, Peter and Hazel Bull, who . . .

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October 10, 2013

Man Denies he is Dead

by duncanr

hal_coffinDonald Eugene Miller Jr, who disappeared in 1986, was declared legally dead in 1994

His attempt recently to have the state legally recognise he is still alive, however, was rejected

The judge hearing his application ruled that – despite Mr Miller appearing to be in robust good health – the 3 year period after a person is declared legally dead, during which they can appeal againt that decision had, in his case, long since passed –

The late Mr Miller, then, must remain late because he was too late in appealing the declaration that he was late

Hhmm, awkward !

February 21, 2013

Facebook Appeal Frees Dog from Pound

by duncanr

dog_5This is the sight that tugged at a good Samaritan’s heart – a man, Dave Thomas, – sat holding his dog’s paw through a gap at the bottom of a cage, saying a last goodbye before the dog is put to sleep.

The dog, “Buzz Lightyear“, was taken into the Pound when Thomas was jailed for a few days for a traffic violation. Now that he was out, though, he didn’t have the $400 needed to free his dog from the Pound and Buzz was scheduled to be euthanised

Touched by the sight of Thomas and Buzz together, Maria Sanchez posted the pic to Facebook and . . .

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