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April 19, 2016

You’re Doing it Wrong

by duncanr


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March 11, 2015

Man Mugged by Judges

by duncanr

thellawisanassdamn, I hope my 1st wife doesn’t read this –

it’s been 30 years since our divorce, yet this judgment appears to give her the right to claim a part of my pension when I retire next year – F*ck !!!

August 25, 2012

Good Vibrations ?

by duncanr

Driving for any length of time can become boring, leading to inattention, drowsiness, and accidents.

Having a passenger in the car who can engage you in conversation, and monitor your wakefulness helps keep you alert, but failing that – listening to the radio, opening the window to let cool air on your face, and frequent rest breaks when you ‘re feeling tired are recommended by motoring organisations and the police.

What they don’t recommend is driving with a vibrator up your arse . . .

May 31, 2012

Iraqi Guard Grabs Arse

by duncanr

Sometimes in life you have to grab an opportunity with both hands – as this security guard in Iraq is so clearly doing!

May 23, 2012

Yemen Ass Rape Sparks Tribal Violence

by duncanr

15 people have been killed or injured in Yemen and this time it’s not the result of a terrorist attack or an american drone missile but because of – a horny donkey.

The randy bugger, owned by a member of the Makabis tribe, chased after and raped an ass belonging to a member of the Bani Abbas tribe – leading to a violent confrontation between the two tribes as members of the Bani Abbas – upset and angered by the donkey’s dick up their ass – sought revenge

The fighting only ended when police intervened and arrested 8 people

[No news as to what happened to the donkey]

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