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July 5, 2018

Jim Jeffries on vaccination

by allthoughtswork

April 4, 2016

I’m Not Naughty

by duncanr

I was sat in my garden at the weekend

the birds were singing, my neighbour had some visitors over and I could hear the excited voices as his kids played with their cousins and the low murmur of adult voices engaged in conversation, neither that or the sound of distant road traffic distracted me, however,  from the programme I was listening to on the radio

all those sounds were present, I could hear them all but I was able to direct my brain to attenuate the signal strength of those I wished to ignore and amplify that which I wanted to focus on

we take this ability to filter information for granted but imagine if we couldn’t do this – imagine how frightening the world might seem if your senses are assaulted by stimuli you can’t control

Sometimes I get too much information. And if you only see a naughty kid, you haven’t got enough

April 2, 2015

Treating Autism the Aussie Way

by duncanr

boy in cagehopefully this is not a widespread practice in Australian schools –

September 6, 2014

Don’t be Normal

by duncanr

most of us like to be part of the crowd, to fit in

if you look or act differently from everyone else, you are likely to be viewed and treated with suspicion, fear, or worse by everyone else

Faith Jegede argues, however, that progress/creativity dies when everyone tries to be like everyone else, to be ‘normal’ – that, instead, we should embrace differences and become extraordinary

April 12, 2013

Nathan and Sylvia : A Boy and his Dog

by duncanr

autism ribbonIn order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism, the Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s. The United States recognizes April as a special opportunity for everyone to educate the public about autism and issues within the autism community. (

Click the Read More tab to learn how the life of a young boy with Asperger’s Syndrome changed when he acquired a “service dog”

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June 26, 2012

Italian Child’s Autism the Result of MMR Vaccination

by duncanr

The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps, and rubella (aka german measles). It was introduced in the 1970s to replace the three separate vaccinations previously the norm to protect against these diseases.

It’s effectiveness is not in question. There are, however, claims that it may play a causal role in the development of autism in children

The original claim of a link between the MMR vaccination and autism was made in 1998 by Andrew Wakefield in an ‘iffy’ piece of research – later discredited

Wakefield’s research was found by

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August 3, 2010

Carly Fleischmann

by duncanr

I have wept buckets over this vid about Carly Fleischmann

Although it is relatively long, please watch to the end !!!

January 3, 2009

Travolta Tragedy

by noseycow

travolta_family1Jett Travolta 16, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, died yesterday during a family holiday in the Bahama’s. Few details have been released but a family spokesman has said that Jett suffered from seizures. His body was found in the bath tub on Friday Morning.


Lots of internet rumours have circulated over the last few years about whether Jett was Autistic, a condition which the Scientologists deny exists,  but whether he was or not is now irrelevent.


His parents have been married for 17 years, which is no mean feat in the glare of Hollywood, and John loves flying so much that he has a couple of jets parked at his ranch ready to take off at a moments notice.

Jett was named after his fathers love of flying

Jett was named after his fathers love of flying

Such a sad start to the year for his family, I doubt that we’ll see much of John’s infectious grin for a long long time.

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