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March 4, 2017

Scottish Wedding Dance (with Beer)

by duncanr

must have been fun rehearsing this . . .

February 20, 2017

Why are some folk Corriejukit?

by duncanr

or tae pit it anither wa’ – corrie-fisted ?

this video hazards an explanation . . .

p.s. I well mind my own early days at school, learning to write – the teacher used to patrol between the desks, large ruler in hand, and would whack me, and one or two others, across the nuckles with it if she spied us writing with our left hand – Bitch !!!

October 17, 2015

And the Winner is . . .

by duncanr

Geoff !

January 2, 2012

Balancing on a Cursor

by duncanr