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July 23, 2019

Daulatdia: Bangladesh’s Biggest Brothel

by duncanr

The town of Daulatdia is home to 1,500 prostitutes, some as young as 10 years old . . . many of the prostitutes have always lived there; some were sold into prostitution by their families, and others were abducted from their villages

as one commentator on youtube said – Just when you think you have real problems you see this and realize you actually have it good. I’m grateful for everything I have and I pray for mercy and reconciliation for these people, it’s heartbreaking.

a second video focusses on the children of prostitutes living in Daulatdia . . .

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October 15, 2013

Bangladesh Rush Hour

by duncanr

Next time you feel like complaining about your morning commute to work and being unable to get a seat on the train, remind yourself others have it much worse than you . . .

May 9, 2013

The Price of Cheap Clothes

by duncanr

salesWho doesn’t like a bargain?

Something for nothing?

Trouble is, companies are in business to make money for themselves and their shareholders and if they are to satisfy our wishes for a good quality product at a bargain price while still retaining a healthy profit margin then they must find ways to reduce their costs.

To do this, companies . . .

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May 7, 2013

Cry for Atheists to be Hanged

by duncanr

hangingOver 700 bodies have now been recovered from the rubble of a building in Bangladesh that collapsed on Apr 24 (

On May 5, an estimated 200,000 islamist gathered in the capital, Dhaka, to protest – about the illegal building construction? Improper use of the building? Lack of building Inspectors? Poor wages and conditions of the workers employed in the garment industry?


They want atheists to be hanged (

Interesting set of priorities, eh ?

Now as an atheist myself, I say if . . .

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January 30, 2012

The Umpire Strikes Back

by duncanr

A bangladeshi youth, Nazrul Islam (aged 15) has died in hospital from internal bleeding following an argument with a cricket umpire.

The youth ran on to the pitch to dispute the umpire’s decision during an amateur cricket match in Kishoreganj. An argument ensued which got more heated until the umpire struck the youth on the head with a bat.

Nazrul showed no ill effects of the blow at the time but was admitted to hospital later that night suffering from internal bleeding and died the following morning.

The police are seeking to question the umpire about the incident. He, on the other hand, is not so eager to be questioned and has gone into hiding
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July 22, 2011

Bangladeshi Man has Brick Tied to Dick

by duncanr

As punishment for kidnapping and forcibly marrying a 12 yr old girl, elders in a Bangladeshi village stripped a 30 yr old man and made him parade naked with a brick tied to his penis

Source –

Jeez, I’m sure there are less painful penis enlargement techniques around !!!

July 12, 2010

Bangladesh shows the Way

by duncanr

As of Thursday last week, women in Bangladesh will no longer be publicly whipped as a punishment for adultery, or having an illegitimate child.

In a move hailed by Human Rights Groups, the Bangladesh High Court ruled illegal all punishments decreed by religious edict or fatwa.

The High Court went a stage further – any cleric who seeks to impose any such punishment (citing Sharia Law) will themselves be sentenced to a term in jail.

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June 20, 2010

Millions of Bangladeshis Poisoned

by duncanr

We take clean drinking water for granted in the west. We turn on a tap and out it pours.

Not everyone is so fortunate, however. According to WaterAid’s UK site –

“worldwide 5000 children die every day from water-related diseases). In Bangladesh water-related diseases are responsible for 24% of all deaths. Every year, gastroenteritis and diarrhoeal diseases kill 110,000 children below the age of five.”

(Source . . .)

There is no shortage of surface water in Bangladesh. The problem is it is generally contaminated and not safe to drink. Consequently, villages have been encouraged/assisted in digging tube wells to extract water from underground. Only one drawback to this approach, however . . . .

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February 28, 2009

BDR Mutiny: bodies found

by duncanr

The mutiny by The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), in recent days is thought to be largely due to unhappiness over pay and conditions. In particular, the disparity between what BDR members receive compared to those in the ‘regular’ army.

Bangladeshi troops are often the largest contingent in UN peacekeeping operations. These missions, generate compensatory payments to Bangladesh, and participating soldiers and officers receive salaries far above what they earn at home. The BDR, by reason that their primary duty is border security do not get much opportunity to share some of this UN ‘bounty’. This has heightened the disparity between the pay and conditions of the BDR and the army. and caused resentment.

Another source of discontent is that the BDR does not have any officers of it’s own. Commissioned officers from the army do that job.

The immediate spark of the mutiny appears to have been a refusal by Major-General Shakil Ahmed, the BDR chief, to listen to his troops’ demands for better pay and conditions.

The mutineers appeared to have targeted their Regular Army Officers. Now that the mutiny is over, some grim discoveries are being made