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December 5, 2015

Bible vs Quran : Social Experiment

by duncanr

the atrocities committed by muslim terrorists has led to a rise in islamophobia here in the UK – – and in other countries

a perception often voiced by those who use the ‘guilt by association’ line of thinking to blame all muslims for the actions of some terrorists is that such violent actions are sanctioned by the Quran – that Islam is an inherently, violent, aggressive religion, in contrast to the gentle, peace-loving religion that is Christianity

[those that believe that about Christianity should read some history!]

to bolster their argument that islam is a religion that promotes violence, those who hold this view often quote selected verses from the quran – but the same charge could be made also against the bible . . .

those promoting islamophobia should remember that the . . .

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August 6, 2015

The Bible – According to Ricky Gervais

by duncanr

while browsing youtube to see if it held a couple of songs I wanted to feature in my weekly ‘Something for the Weekend’ post on a Friday, I stumbled upon this gem from Ricky Gervais

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November 5, 2014

Nae Soor Grapes Here

by duncanr

drunk-toon-scot100Scot’s the world o’er will be reeling at the news that the best whisky in the world is made not in God’s ain countrie but in Japan –

of course it’s all havers

the World Whisky Bible?

It is a compact guide containing every whisky that (jim) Murray and a team of researchers are able to source from the worldwide market. Each whisky is tasted by Murray alone and graded out of an overall score of 100

so, it is one man’s opinion – and a bluidy sassenach at that !

I have drunk a . . .

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October 20, 2012

Gay Rights : Stand on the Right Side of History

by duncanr

During a Springfield City Council public hearing, back in August, on amending the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity protections, Rev. Phil Snider of the Brentwood Christian Church lashed out at the council for “inviting the judgement of God upon our land” by making “special rights for gays and lesbians.” (

Or did he?

August 26, 2012

Creation : Science vs the Bible

by duncanr

Biblical creation and scientific theories on the origin of the universe presented side by side, but with a twist . . .

March 13, 2012

Harold Camping : I F*cked Up

by duncanr

false prophet ?

Harold Camping – remember him? – serial doomsayer who keeps prophesying the end of the world on dates gathered from his study of the bible?

He has apologised for the fact we are all still alive instead of spending an eternity in Hell as he predicted.

He has acknowledged it was sinful of him to presume to know the mind and purpose of the Lord – Hhmmm, I guess that means he has blown his chance of being raptured.

The failure of the world to end on May 21st last year as he predicted wasn’t all bad news, however.

True, that billions of people weren’t killed was . . .

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March 4, 2012

And Jesus said . . .

by duncanr

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December 8, 2010

Bible Rape Laws Explained

by duncanr

To view full sized image of infochart, click here . . .

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June 4, 2009

Marriage: According to the Bible

by duncanr

By 198 – 176 votes, New Hampshire yesterday, Jun 03, became only the sixth state in the USA to offer marriage equality to all couples, i.e., marriage between same-sex couples became legal.

The proposal that states should allow same sex couples to marry is one that divides America – much of the opposition coming from those with a Christian background.

It is worth taking a moment therefore to look at what the Bible has to same about Marriage . . .

February 10, 2009

Continuing the religious theme….

by NobblySan

cheezFor those of you who are familiar with the website and the use of the bizarre language known as ‘lolcats’ that has grown up around the site, maybe this project is the thing for you.

Some bunch of balloons have decided that it would be a damn good idea to translate the whole bible (you know the one… that big thick book) into lolcats language.

I wonder how long it will be before the religious right decide that this is a huge affront to their chosen system of belief, and start trying to get it banned in a fit of (self-) righteous indignation.

Personally, I found it a bit of a giggle, which I’m sure is what it’s intended to be.

But likening someone’s god to ‘ceiling cat’? Oh dear, there will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth, and fire and brimstone will be visited upon …..

Nurse! ….it’s time for his medication again. Quickly!

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