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August 13, 2017

UK Attack Warning !

by duncanr

apparently, a horde of horny males with penises ‘two-and-a-half times the length of their entire body‘ are heading for the UK –

two-and-a-half times, eh?

plenty of time to see them coming then

May 24, 2016

Sights You See in Inverness

by duncanr

inverness big penis

story and video here –

March 4, 2015

Wife Gets Too Much of a Good Thing

by duncanr

aisha dannupawa toona woman has petitioned a sharia court for a divorce from her husband after just a week of marriage because . . . well read all about it here –

suffice to say, the husband is not too unhappy about the divorce – after all, he has a lot more money now than before and the publicity surrounding the divorce means he has an enviable reputation amongst his mates and probably no shortage of women wanting to take his wife’s place 😆

October 28, 2009

Big Prick on Show

by duncanr

chinapenis300A rather large inflatable penis greets visitors to Hangzhou, in China’s Zhejiang Province, as part of a display advertising ‘Masculine Health Day’.

Source . . .

Hhmm, don’t want to seem ‘picky’ but ‘Masculine Health Day’ ? . . . Isn’t there something missing?

Where’s it’s balls ???