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August 16, 2017

Randy Brummie Rats

by duncanr

the council bin men in Birmingham – where I live – have been taking industrial action over pay and conditions for the past 6 weeks, with uncollected rubbish piling up in streets as a result

now comes a warning about randy rats threatening to ‘overrun parts of Birmingham‘ –

cue song from local band UB40 . . .

January 4, 2017

Brummie Life – No 11

by duncanr

been a while since I posted anything about where I live, under the Brummie Life tag . . .

May 10, 2016

Brummie Cops 1 – 0 Rustlers

by duncanr

farmer and sheepbeen a while since I put up a post under the ‘Brummie Life’ heading describing some of the things that go on in my adopted home here in Birmingham but this is one I thought I’d share with you

in another part of the city, a mere 7.8 miles from my home as the crow flies – if it follows the A45/Small Heath Highway – police rounded up three . . .

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June 22, 2015

Brummie Wankers Wanted

by duncanr

sperm donation‘calling all hands! calling all hands!’

appears there is an over-reliance on foreign sperm donations in the UK so the National Sperm Bank which opened recently in Birmingham – selected because of the known large number of wankers in the city – is calling on Brummie men to rise to the occasion and cum to the rescue of frustrated women seeking babies –

well I’m getting on a bit – got to admit that – and the sap doesn’t . . .

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May 26, 2015

Mind the Ducks

by duncanr

cyclist on duck pathducks have been given their own lane on tow paths in 3 UK cities, London, Birmingham, and Manchester

meanwhile, swans, geese, and other wildlife will just have to take their chances like the rest of us against being mown down by speeding cyclists

April 24, 2015

It’s Lies, I Tell Ye – All Lies !

by duncanr

there aint half some rubbish published in newspapers these days –

I can assure you there’s no rats in my part of Brum !

brummie rats

March 9, 2015

SkullDoggery in Brum

by duncanr

a sad tale concerning the 2015 Crufts Dog Show held here in Birmingham –

murder at crufts

January 12, 2015

Muslim Only, my Arse !

by duncanr

Duncan Ali Khan

Duncan Ali Khan

Fox ‘News” Tv channel has lived up to its reputation for stupidity and broadcasting ‘news’ items with scant regard to actual facts by giving air time to a so-called expert who claims that Birmingham (the city I happen to live in) is a ‘muslim-only’ city –

this is such blatant nonsense (and will come as a surprise to the 80% of non-muslims living here) i’m not going to waste my breath arguing about this – besides, I can hear the Adhan so I’m off to have a wee prayer

Allahu Akbar

August 3, 2014

Wankers Wanted

by duncanr

1st sperm donationartificial insemination is not new – the 1st recorded instance of a woman giving birth after receiving sperm from a donor was over 2,000 years ago

while instances were rare back then, though, such is the demand now, and the waiting time for a suitable sperm donation so long, that the UK Government is . . .

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June 10, 2014

Let He who is Without Sin . . .

by duncanr

stoning150An islamic primary school in Birmingham has been criticised after inspectors found the children there were exposed to books ‘promoting stoning, lashing and execution’ –

and rightly so

it is shocking, shocking that children of any age should be exposed to ideas and practices like these which are . . .

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