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October 12, 2014

Burglar Buggers Bear

by duncanr

flasher teddybear200a randy burglar who had an ‘overwhelming need for sexual relief’ [tell me about it 😳 ]’used and abused’ a defenceless teddy bear

those depraved madhatter readers (you know who you are) who want the full sordid details can find them here

April 25, 2014

Golden Shower Arrest

by duncanr

water pistolYou know urine a wee spot o’ bother when the cops arrest you for spraying a couple of women in Blackburn town centre with a water pistol filled with piss

Ian Wilson said – ‘I don’t know what come over me’

Oddly enough, that’s what the women said too !

June 10, 2012

Ice Cream War in Blackburn Hots Up

by duncanr

The cold war between rival ice cream sellers in Blackburn, Mr Yummy and Mr Whippy, flared into open hostilities when the two tried to service the same street at the same time

In scenes reminiscent of the Glasgow Ice Cream War of the early 1980’s, Mr Yummy smashed Mr Whippy’s window, then Mr Whippy rammed Mr Yummy’s van in the rear

The incident was captured on video by a resident

Full Story here –