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September 5, 2013

British Women are Gagging for It

by duncanr

crap sex200A recent survey of 1,000 women resident in the UK (I read it in the Mail, so it must be true)  found that those who were having  frequent sex reported being more happy than women who were getting little or none

The Mail emphasises the health benefits of sex –

It decreases stress, boosts the immune system and gives . . . an important sense of wellbeing.’

It also helps heart health, lowers blood pressure and gives you better self-esteem,

[Hhmph, for years I’ve been telling woman about the health benefits of frequent sex – and fat lot of good it’s done me 😦 ]

According to the Mail . . .

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June 28, 2012

It’s an Ill Wind . . .

by duncanr

that blows nobody any good – so the saying goes

But research out of John Hopkins University suggests – in the case of farts, anyway – that this may not be the case. That farts can be considered a form of alternative medicine

So, guys, the next time your missus complains about you passing wind in bed, explain you’re doing it for her benefit – because you love her and you’re concerned for her well-being

January 31, 2012

B.P. – One arm or Two ?

by duncanr

Having your blood pressure taken is a simple, painless, and quick test

A study published in The Lancet on Sunday, however, suggests that it’s use as a tool to detect warning signs of cardio-vascular problems may be less efficient than it could be because of the common practice of measuring BP from only one arm.

According to the study . . .

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