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December 8, 2008

Consider this…

by noseycow

Procrastination and prevarication are two of the most popular past times chez Nosey. While I consider that they are employed, by my family, ¬†with the sole objective of raising my blood pressure, academics say ‘NO!’ the reason is in the formula.


“The ‘U’ stands for utility, or the desire to complete a given task. It is equal to the product of E, the expectation of success, and V the value of completion, divided by the product of I, the immediacy of the task, and D, the personal sensitivity to delay. ”

Well that explains it then! I was so impressed that I came up with my very own formula which explains how much chocolate a woman will eat in any given day.



X is amount of chocolate, C is the value of laundry tasks to be done, H is number of handbags not bought over the previous year, and O is the snugness of fit of favourite jeans.

November 7, 2008

There’s hope for us yet

by noseycow

Scientists in Japan have managed to grow functioning brain tissue from stem cells.

Cerebral Cortex Cell

Cerebral Cortex Cell

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October 23, 2008

Medicine for Bad Memories?

by noseycow

Scientists claim to have found a chemical way of erasing bad memories from the brain, without causing any other damage.

Any takers?