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November 13, 2016

Caption this . . .

by duncanr



August 14, 2016

Hollie McNish : Embarrassed

by duncanr

June 8, 2016

Each to their Own

by duncanr

man in nappywhat a couple get up to in the privacy of their own home – as long as they both are willing participants and it doesn’t involve children or animals – is entirely up to them

but some activities are perhaps best not publicised – unless embarrassing your kids is not a concern?

August 15, 2015

Breast Feeding in Public

by duncanr

some folk get embarrassed and offended by the sight of a woman breast-feeding her child in public

so it is probably not surprising that some businesses feel the need to post signs such as these . . .

breastfeeding notice400

now, some folk might be offended by such notices – so hats off to this woman who chose, instead, to comply –

January 18, 2015

Fancy a Pint?

by duncanr

I grew up in the 50s when, not long after the war, milk was an expensive luxury for my parents

instead, they bought powdered milk and added water to make up pints of this white, watery ‘pretend’ milk

later, when I tasted the ‘real’ stuff, I found it revolting – thick and sweet, I couldn’t drink it

after a lifetime of not drinking milk, ads like this – promoting milk packaged in a can rather than glass bottles or cartons – are not going to persuade me to change

but perhaps it will some people?

July 7, 2013

Billboards Covered in Tits

by duncanr

The title of this post is a line taken from Hollie McNish‘s poem – “Embarrassed” – pointing out the hypocrisy of objecting to a woman breastfeeding her baby in public in a society where images of a woman’s breasts adorn the front cover of magazines on open display in newsagents or on advertising billboards

You can read two more of her poems in the comments after this post

February 12, 2013

Dirty Tits Give Kids the Shits

by duncanr

hisham qandilEgypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil is in a bit of bother after claiming that women who do not clean their breasts before feeding their babies are responsible for the diarrhoea epidemic in rural Egypt –

Lack of clean water for bathing or drinking is a major problem in many parts of the world and while Hisham Qandil may be right to highlight one disease transmission route, he will win no prizes for tact or diplomacy (amongst women, at least)!

P.S. if you want to help more folk around the world gain access to clean water, visit –

March 2, 2009

Keeping abreast of new driving techniques.

by NobblySan

breastfeeding-while-drivingSome damnfool woman in the (yes, you guessed it) USA, has been prosecuted for breast feeding one of her kids whilst driving.

Not a bit contrite (“if my child’s hungry, I’m gonna feed it”), she then went on to whip one out and feed the wee sproggy again during a TV interview about the incident.

Bloody hell missus – she’ll never eat all that!