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February 6, 2018

the Emancipation of Women

by duncanr

This year marks the centenary of some women getting the vote in parliamentary elections in England and 90 years since women got to vote on equal terms to men. The National Archives has a world-renowned collection of documents relating to the 20th century women’s suffrage movement and their 100 web portal has officially gone live

September 13, 2017

Curing Hiccups

by duncanr

what a dreadful waste of whisky . . .

August 25, 2016

Best of Butlins

by duncanr

folk of a certain age will remember the short ‘filler’ films by British Pathé shown while waiting for the main feature to start at the cinema

these have been archived and every month a compilation of these clips on a related theme is posted on YouTube

this month it is a nostalgic look back at Butlin holiday camps – a favourite holiday destination for Brits after the 1939-45 war when money was tight and very few could afford to holiday abroad

surrounded by high fencing, rows of small basic box-like accommodation, communal canteens, uniformed’red-coats’ patrolling, loudspeakers blaring to rouse folk from sleep in the morning and issue announcements about meal times, activities taking place, etc – the regimentation often invoked a comparison/jokes about prison camps – but oh did we have fun . . .

April 16, 2014

British Pathé on Youtube

by duncanr

british patheThose of a certain age will remember British Pathé News – short films shown at the cinema in between the main films

Pre-internet and widespread ownership of TVs, these short films were often the only way to find out what was going on in the world

These newsreels didn’t just record events of historic importance, they also included light-hearted, quirky features

Now, 85,000 newsreels have been uploaded to Youtube and can be viewed here –