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July 23, 2019

Daulatdia: Bangladesh’s Biggest Brothel

by duncanr

The town of Daulatdia is home to 1,500 prostitutes, some as young as 10 years old . . . many of the prostitutes have always lived there; some were sold into prostitution by their families, and others were abducted from their villages

as one commentator on youtube said – Just when you think you have real problems you see this and realize you actually have it good. I’m grateful for everything I have and I pray for mercy and reconciliation for these people, it’s heartbreaking.

a second video focusses on the children of prostitutes living in Daulatdia . . .

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August 9, 2015

So It’s True Then ?

by duncanr

seems all those jokes about welsh sheep shaggers have some basis in truth . . . (


June 11, 2015

Free Beer and Sex

by duncanr

prostitutein a protest against the taxes he has to pay, the owner of a brothel in Austria is offering a ‘summer special’

for 8 weeks only – as much beer and sex punters want, all for free!

[Hhmm, where did sticky say he was going on holiday this week ?]

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March 24, 2015

My Kind of Job

by duncanr

brothel inspectorA multilingual person is desired, with knowledge of French a particular advantage

Hhmmm, excuse me while I go brush up on my French – got to be quick before ‘ratty’ spots this ad and beats me to it

March 24, 2015

Cops Catch Cops at Cat House

by duncanr

a1d0bc2b-53f5-4346-9e37-260d3a122bbdwallpaper1Police In west Bengal were in for a surprise when they raided a local brothel – but not nearly as surprised as the 4 drunk cops they found there, together with a convicted murderer they were supposed to be escorting back to prison . . .

May 5, 2014

Pie, Coke, and a Poke

by duncanr

358576-8014b42e-d01e-11e3-ade5-ceb45ffac88eAn Australian brothel is offering punters a more interesting way to spend their lunch hour than sitting at their desk

For a “limited time only” clients can get a deal which includes a hot pie and coke with their choice of a range of “services” (

For the benefit of madhatter readers in Australia wishing to know if they are close enough to take up this offer, click the ‘Continue reading’ tab for the address of the brothel . . .

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February 1, 2013

Stand Up for Jesus

by duncanr

happy sperm

Hallelujah 🙂

Some blokes – the Brad Pitt’s of this world – have it easy when it comes to women

Others, like me – the auld, pot-bellied, myopic ones, with whisky breath and bearded visage – not so much.

I have to work damn hard to get any ‘action’ and the dire economic clime in the UK right now is not making my life any easier. I’ve had to drastically cut back on ‘foreplay’ – I can no longer afford it!

And before any female madhatter readers complain that men don’t spend enough time on foreplay – what do you think all that wining and dining, flowers and chocolates, visits to the cinema and shows is all about if it’s not foreplay? 😉

Like many folk do when they are sorely troubled, I turned to the Bible for inspiration – and the Lord showed me the way. Did not . . .

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January 7, 2013

Madam Plans Brothel for Disabled

by duncanr

wheelchair sexAn ex-madam is coming out of retirement to open a brothel for the disabled

Becky Adams – “People have the same sexual urges whether they’re disabled or not. Everyone deserves to experience and enjoy sexual contact” – plans to open the brothel in 2014

It will be run on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis and specifically designed to cater for a clientele with disabilities – with ramps to facilitate easy entry and ‘carers’ available to lend a helping hand to satisfy their sexual needs

Full story here –

October 10, 2012

Sex in the City

by duncanr

Two horny 14yr old schoolboys in Germany are in a spot of bother after one stole €3,000 worth of Jewelry from his mum and used the money from its sale to buy pizza, kebabs, and . . .

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September 16, 2012

Brothels for the Elderly

by duncanr

The chinese have a long tradition of respect and reverence for the elderly. They still have that respect, but changing economic pressures have enforced changes in the relationship between parents and offspring.

A recent survey by the China Research Center on Aging found that only 12% of 19,986 elderly people interviewed nationwide said they would be willing to stay in nursing homes – the vast majority wishing to stay in the neighbourhoods they were familiar with and be with their children. Sadly, few are able to enjoy that as more and more children are forced to migrate to other areas to obtain employment – 2010 figures showing 54 percent of elderly people in urban areas lived in “empty nest” families, while 45.6 percent of elderly people in rural areas lived alone.

Fortunately for those elderly living alone, there are “senior citizen recreation centers” which offer a wide variety of services to cater for their needs – see

Now if similar ‘recreation centres’ were available in the UK, I might look more favourable upon my own impending retirement years ! 😆