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September 12, 2017

No Ticket to Ride

by duncanr

a hitch-hiking pigeon and a drunk passenger land an indian bus conductor in deep poo –

July 5, 2017

Greyhound Racing

by duncanr


June 28, 2017

A Man Walks in to a Pub . . .

by duncanr

after being knocked down by a bus

full story –

April 30, 2017

Not a Good Day

by duncanr


March 28, 2017

Crafty Cops

by duncanr

in the UK, the penalty for using a phone while driving has recently been made more severe – if caught doing so, the miscreant can be banned from driving or fined up to £1000 with six points on their license

despite this, every day I see folk driving with one hand on the wheel, the other with a phone glued to their ear because the risk of actually being caught is so low

what’s needed is for police forces across the country to adopt this cunning plan employed by Devon police –

December 22, 2015

I am Spartacus

by duncanr

Al-Shabaabislamic militants in Kenya who attacked a bus, killing 2 people and injuring others, were thwarted in their intent to kill the christians on board when muslim passengers refused orders to gather together in a group so the christians could be identified –

December 11, 2015

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


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August 20, 2015

The Bus

by duncanr

Edmonton Transit System (ETS) would like folk to ride their ‘cool’ buses

May 29, 2015

Saints and Sinners

by duncanr

there’s enough shit on the news every day to show that in every part of the world folk can be right bastards towards one another

then, occasionally, something happens to remind one of the other side of human nature

50 -100 people in Walthamstow, London, rushed to the aid of a cyclist trapped underneath a double-decker bus – managing to lift the bus of the man’s crushed legs before paramedics arrived on the scene

full story here –

February 13, 2015

Naked Man Jumps on Bus

by duncanr

bus and burning housesometimes one can wait ages for a bus

other times, one comes along just when it is most needed –