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May 19, 2019

Caption this . . .

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August 25, 2018

Follow the Leader

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October 25, 2016

Caption this . . .

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source B&P

August 27, 2015

Cat Flap Fail

by duncanr

guy spends 1.1/2 hours putting in cat flap

cat not impressed !

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June 2, 2015

Pussy Trapped in Cat Flap

by duncanr


via B&P

anyone got an alternative caption to this pic?

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March 29, 2014

Trivial Pursuit in Sussex

by duncanr

200article-0-06D57573000005DC-602_468x359Hard working cops in Sussex, UK, have appealed to the public for help in apprehending the perpetrator of a heinous crime that has left a neighbourhood in shock, and fear that they may be next to be targeted by this sick b*stard

[Police have advised anyone with a cat flap to keep it locked until the bugger is caught !] –

December 10, 2012

The Case of the Stolen Chicken

by duncanr

>With cat-like tread,
Upon our prey we steal;
In silence dread,
Our cautious way we feel.

Two of Kent Police’s finest were called out to investigate when a pensioner phoned to complain a cooked chicken had been stolen form her kitchen

The culprit proved to be a felonious feline from next door

Still, When constabulary duty’s to be done . . .

The owners of the marauding moggie have been given a warning of dire cosequences if their cat burglar re-offends

Full story –

November 29, 2012

The Great (Cat) Escape

by duncanr

Mr Tiddles gets in a flap when he finds his way outside barred

April 1, 2009

What the f*ck ?

by duncanr
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