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March 19, 2019

Benedict XVI was the Trump of the Vatican

by allthoughtswork

Side By Side Comparison Of The Papal Thrones For Benedict XVI And Francis


August 17, 2018

Pennsylvania’s Paedophile Priests

by duncanr

pic via

a ‘grand jury identified 301 “predator priests” and more than 1,000 sexual abuse victims over the past 70 years.

Jurors said that in many cases, senior church officials knew that these abuses were occurring yet worked to dismiss victims’ claims and protect the priests‘ –

September 16, 2017

‘They would Whack you with a Crucifix’

by duncanr

Smyllum Park was an orphanage in Lanark, Scotland run by the Catholic Church in the 1960s and 1970s

A BBC investigation has uncovered new evidence that more than 400 children who died at Smyllum are now thought to be buried in a mass grave in a nearby cemetery’

September 20, 2016

1980’s Irish Sex Education for Girls

by duncanr

this video is part of a series shown in the 1980s to inform girls attending Catholic schools in Ireland about sex


October 17, 2015

Symphysiotomy : Fucken Religion

by duncanr

I’ve been two days trying to write this post but have been too upset/angry to marshall my thoughts into a coherent pattern

that doctors, in this day and age, are sawing women in two rather than perform a Caesarian because the former will potentially allow them to have more children in future (in line with the Catholic church goals for families) than will the latter – though tell that to ‘Lily’, who has been unable to have sex with her husband since her pelvis was sawn in two – leaves me speechless with rage

you can read more about this barbaric practice here –

September 15, 2013

Holy Shit

by duncanr

No, please - not the Holy Water. Aargh !

No, please – not the Holy Water. Aargh !

I’m afraid I’ve got crap news for catholics

Might want to give that holy water a miss when going to church today

And if any bugger tries to sprinkle you with it, deck the b*stard

Just saying !

July 29, 2013

Above the law?

by NobblySan

Stuff like this makes me so bloody annoyed.

It’s diabolical enough that people in a position of trust can allow it to be manifested as power and influence for their own gratification, ……….

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February 20, 2013

So You Want to be Pope

by duncanr

In case it’s escaped anyone’s attention, there’s a vacancy in the Vatican for a new CEO

Before you submit your CV, though, there’s some things you need to know

P.S. The creator of this vid left out a few other things you should know about the process by which a Pope is elected . . .

He must be White – no Black, Brown, or Yellow Popes, please !

He must be . . .

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May 26, 2012

Italian Bishops Need Not Report Pedophile Priests to Police

by duncanr

Once again the RC Church demonstrates how out of touch it is with public opinion, at least with regard to pedophile priests.

The Italian Bishops Conference has issued guidelines on child protection – telling Bishops they are not obliged to report to the police any priest that fucks children

Under Italian law, the bishop, given that he holds no public office nor is he a public servant, is not obliged to report illicit facts of the type covered by this document to the relevant state judicial authorities.”

Seems the reputation of the church continues to be viewed as more important than the welfare of young children !

September 18, 2009

Catholic Foreplay

by duncanr

A Catholic Charity in UK believes couples should pray together before having sex and has composed a special prayer for the occasion.

Called – appropriately enough – “Prayer Before Making Love,” it appears in the Prayer Book for Spouses, published by the London-based Catholic Truth Society.

The prayer asks God to –

“place within us love that truly gives, tenderness that truly unites, self-offering that tells the truth and does not deceive, forgiveness that truly receives, loving physical union that welcomes.”

“Open our hearts to you, to each other and to the goodness of your will,” it adds. “Cover our poverty in the richness of your mercy and forgiveness. Clothe us in true dignity and take to yourself our shared aspirations, for your glory, forever and ever.”

Can’t argue with the sentiment but as ‘foreplay’ I think it leaves a lot to be desired.

Personally, I would recommend vodka and chocolate !!!

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