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December 13, 2018

Edible Anus

by duncanr

looking to surprise your friends or loved ones with a novel xmas pressie this year?

how about a chocolate mould of your anus?

if you’re interested – visit the ‘edible anus’ website

or if you’re just curious about the process . . .

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December 13, 2018

The River Diabeetus

by allthoughtswork

Spilt chocolate is seen on a road in Werl, Germany December 10, 2018 in this picture obtained from social media. Picture taken December 10, 2018. FEUERWEHR WERL/via REUTERS THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. MANDATORY CREDIT. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES.

You’re too late, they’ve already cleaned up the river of liquid chocolate that oozed out of a malfunctioning storage tank at a chocolate factory in Westoennen, Germany.

You’re just going to have to get fat the old-fashioned way: visiting relatives over the holidays and self-medicating against them with M&Ms and scotch.

June 10, 2018

How to make a chocolate bar the hard way

by allthoughtswork

Warning: Your drooling will begin about 17 images in, brace for it.

April 1, 2018


by allthoughtswork


Remember the Cadbury Creme Egg commercials?

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April 1, 2018

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “chocolate whore”

by allthoughtswork

post12 strange bedfellows

January 11, 2018

Advice for Men

by duncanr

worth a try !

April 1, 2015

Gran Poisons Family

by duncanr

ambulancethere’s a reason why produce has a ‘use by date‘ on it, folks

just saying !

June 23, 2014

Tip for Chocoholics

by duncanr

how to steal some chocolate without anyone noticing . . .

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May 28, 2014

Pork DNA found in Cadbury’s Chocolate

by duncanr

cadbury chocolate pig250A word of advice to Jews, Muslims, and Veggies – don’t be trotting down to your local store to buy some Cadbury chocolate

Just sowing !

April 8, 2014

That’s Handy, Harry…

by sticky

Harry Hopalot likes to hop. That’s certainly true.

But what else does Harry like to do?

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