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September 7, 2014

Man has ‘Chopper’ Removed

by duncanr

a californian man has received support from friends and neighbours after losing his ‘chopper’ – and no, it’s not what . . .

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January 9, 2014

Prince Charles’ Chopper Fail

by duncanr

camilla shockedCamilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, got a bit of a fright when a defective ball caused Prince Charles’ chopper to, unexpectedly, veer to the right –

June 6, 2012

Minister’s Chopper Scares Kids

by duncanr

Göran Lundmark, the head of a Swedish School, is not happy with the country’s Environment Minister –

we’re responsible for the children’s safety. It’s a risk when something like this occurs

A spokesperson for the minister said – “it was unfortunate . . . We’re very sorry if we caused anyone to worry at the school, and we apologise for that

What are they on about?

Seems the schoolkids got a bit of a fright when they got an unexpected view of the minister’s chopper

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July 27, 2011

Calgary Cops Chopper Dash

by duncanr

When I emigrated to Canada in the late 70s, Calgary was the 1st place I lived and worked, so my eye is often caught by any news item featuring that city.

Hat’s off then to Calgary Police who used one of their helicopters to ensure a distraught father was present at the bedside of his dying 5 yr old son.

Oh sure, they justified their action by saying the chopper was airborne anyway and a panicky father driving at speed the 170km to the hospital would have been a danger to himself and other road users, but I prefer to think they did so because they are dad’s themselves !!!

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June 1, 2010

Stranded in Sakatchewan

by duncanr

A man lost in the bush of Northern Sasketchewan used his chopper to attract attention to his plight – He cut down 4 electricity power poles then waited for the power company to send an engineer to investigate why the power had failed !!!

His desperate ploy worked. SakPower hired a helicopter to investigate the fault and found the man in a very distressed state – though not perhaps as distressed as folk in the surrounding neighbourhood who were pissed off that his action had left them with no power for 2 days !!!

Technically, chopping down the power poles constitutes an act of vandalism for which the power company would normally seek recompense from the perpetrator, but taking the special circumstances into account, SaskPower is considering making an exception in this case.

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