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July 12, 2019

A Woman and her Dog

by duncanr


September 4, 2014

There’s Always One

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February 17, 2014

Chinese Movie Prank

by duncanr

300screen-shot-2014-02-14-at-2-23-43-pmThe pic to the left is not a new type of board game

It is the seating plan of a Shanghai cinema on Feb 14 – the red dots indicating which seats have been pre-booked, the white dots being seats for which tickets are still available

You will notice that none of the white seats are adjacent to one another.

There is a reason for this 😆

September 23, 2011

That Calls for a Carlsberg !!!

by duncanr
February 22, 2011

Pop goes the . . .

by duncanr

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to watch a movie and some jerk in the audience is making too much noise for you to hear the dialogue on screen ? I know I do – almost as much as I hate the fat woman in the big hat that always sits in front of me in the movie theatre !!!

You might want to think twice about complaining though – particularly if you live, or are holidaying, in Latvia. A movie-goer there was shot dead after complaining about the noise another member of the audience was making eating popcorn during the film

[the shooter was considerate enough to wait until the film ended before killing the complainer]

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