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December 18, 2018


by duncanr

for more than 70 years, not a single person has been buried in Longyearbyen

Should anyone die there, the government . . . requires that the body is flown or shipped to mainland Norway to be interred

this is because of the region’s year-round sub-zero temperatures: Bodies don’t decompose, but are preserved, as if mummified, in the permafrost and there are fears a melting permafrost – because of climate change – will uncover these bodies and revive ancient diseases


September 26, 2017

The Great Green Wall

by duncanr

‘Eleven countries are planting a wall of trees from east to west across Africa, just under the southern edge of the Sahara desert. The goal is to fight the effects of climate change by reversing desertification

September 17, 2017

Climate Change

by duncanr

June 2, 2017

Trump Pulls USA out of Paris Agreement

by duncanr

August 21, 2011

Head for the Hills

by duncanr

this heat's killing me

Scientists investigating a link between rising temperatures and habitat change in 2,000 species report that the buggers are making a run for high ground *

Hey, Noah need to panic, though, folks

Just saying !

* and cooler polar regions

Full details here –

March 5, 2011

The Climate Hokey Pokey

by duncanr

They’ve got some gey queer ways of doing things ‘Down Under’

Here, South Australian Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher does the climate hokey pokey during a debate on the Government’s climate change policies

December 5, 2009

Free Sex !!!

by duncanr

Yup, free sex – straight up !!!

That’s the offer from prostitutes in Denmark – but only if you are a delegate attending next week’s UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

Local mayor had cards printed and distributed to hoteliers asking them not to facilitate meetings between delegates and local prostitutes.

The girl’s – who were looking to earn a bit more cash in the run up to Xmas – are a bit miffed.

Prostitution is legal in Denmark and the girls see the Mayor’s action as a discriminatory step – one intended to prevent them earning a living. In response, they are offering a free fuck to punters who can produce a badge proving they are a delegate at the conference.

Source . . .

Hhmmm, as a headline grabber offering free sex guarantees publicity about their gripe with the Mayor. Not sure how it helps them generate more income, however – unless it’s part of a BOGOF (buy one, get one free) offer ???

Pssst, Barack Obama announced yesterday he has decided to attend the last day of the Conference !!!

According to a spokesperson, the decision . . .

“reflects the president’s commitment to doing all that he can to pursue a positive outcome”

So there you are – last minute decision to attend the conference has got bugger all to do with the offer of free sex !!!

February 27, 2009

Too much sun= human cull

by duncanr

sunA report in 2007 by the conservative Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted a rise of between 2C and 6.4C this century.

The environmental changes and the knock on effect of those following a global rise in temperature of 4C have led some scientists to predict only 10% of humans would survive such dramatic climatic change.

Some scientist believe we could see such a rise in temp within the next 50 years.

Gulp !!!

We’re doomed. Doomed, I tell you. Doomed !!!

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