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February 11, 2017

Caption this . . .

by duncanr



November 12, 2016

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

by duncanr

this year’s John Lewis Xmas ad modified to reflect current events . . .

November 8, 2016

At Last, Finally

by duncanr

the interminable horror show that is the american Presidential election is at long-last coming to an end – and the nightmare may be about to begin

for though political pundits and the media analysts are predicting a Clinton win – despite the narrowing poll gap between the two candidates – I am not so sure

arseholes are often cute enough to know their views are ‘socially unacceptable’ and mask their real views from pollsters when asked, so Trump’s support may be greater than the polls would have us believe

I hope not, but I fear the USA is about to put this man – – a man with the attention span of a toddler, prone to temper tantrums at the least slight, and the temperament of a spoilt child, in charge of the codes that could launch a nuclear war

I wish I wasn’t an atheist so I could pray for divine intervention to ensure Trump doesn’t triumph but all I can do is cross my fingers!

p.s. thanks to ratty for the pic I’ve used in this post

November 6, 2016

Decisions, Decisions . . .

by duncanr



November 1, 2016

Come on, America. Focus

by duncanr

clinton-vs-trumpSo, to recap. Trump will go on trial in November accused of racketeering, and again in December accused of child rape. He is a sexual predator, hasn’t released his tax returns, and has used his foundation’s money to pay his legal fees. He has abused the family of a war hero and… oh, but let’s talk about some emails Hillary didn’t send from someone else’s computer, that weren’t a crime anyway, because that’s how to choose a president. Come on, America. Focus. (Salman Rushdie)

October 11, 2016

Hillary and Donald – Dirty Dancing

by duncanr
September 30, 2016

Trump – Super Careless, Fragile Ego, Extra Braggadocious

by duncanr

September 2, 2016

Caption this . . .

by duncanr


via B&P

August 22, 2016

Clinton : Too Late, Donald

by duncanr

a few days ago, the USA republican party nominee for President said . . .

Sometimes, in the heat of the debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain

predictably, his democratic party rival for the Presidency was not overly impressed –

July 29, 2016

Khizr Khan DNC Speech

by duncanr

Khizr Khan, addressing the DNC, has pointed message for Trump and American voters . . .

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