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December 15, 2016

Folk Flock Tae See Man’s Big Cock

by duncanr

scot-with-big-cocka wifie wha returned frae her holiday wuz dumfoonded tae see the size o’ her man’s massive cock !!!

she’s no the ainlie yin – when word got oot, folk began traivelling fur miles in the hope o’ catching a peek o’ it

noo, the gallus scottish pensioner – naw, it isnae me (mairs the peety) – has gotten a wee bit cocky and has pit lights oan his prized possession –

May 6, 2014

Court Rules Cockerel Tied to Penis is Not Art

by duncanr

180Steven Cohen with a chicken tied to his penis at the Eiffel TowerSteven Cohen says his performance dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower was ‘ART’

Those who saw him certainly got an Eiffel as he pranced about with a cockerel tied to his penis

A french court, however, decided it was not so much ‘ART’ as ‘sexual exhibitionism’ –

[no word on what the cockerel thought about it all]

P.S. some madhatter readers may remember we covered this story when cohen was arrested last year –

October 17, 2012

Wife Punished for Eating best part of Cock

by duncanr

A 24-year old Zimbabwean woman, Nomusa Sibanda, was assaulted by her husband for cooking a cockerel and keeping the breast for herself while serving him the wings and one drumstick.

Under local customs the back, breast and leg potions of a chicken should be reserved for the man, so in addition to being assaulted by her husband, the village court fined her a chicken.

The court also . . .

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