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October 20, 2014

Let’s Party !

by duncanr

partyI had a sobering thought the other day – I have reached that age when I have lived as many years in England as I have in my native Scotland

and while I have been happy here and love living in Brum, there is no doubt where my heart lies

indeed, I only have to see that . . .

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November 9, 2008

What no paper’s report

by noseycow

If you read the the papers you would be forgiven for thinking the following:

British children are all fat and lazy

The days of community are long gone

The young have no respect.

Today was just a normal Sunday, with four local football teams playing cup or league matches, the scenes caught on camera are typical of thousands across the country. What makes this happen every weekend, throughout the long cold winter? footy-nov-11th-016



At 11am the teams lined up in the biting wind, and stood in absolute silence, as a mark of respect for Remembrance Sunday.

Here today, the reason was football, but this also happens for Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, and many other team sports organised outside school. Next time you drive past a sports field at the weekend , take a look and consider how that game has come about, and how many similar ones are replicated across the country.

The coaches, organisers, sports club committee’s, groundsmen, parents and officials all give their time freely and frequently, and the enthusiasm of the children, regardless of the match result, ensures that this will continue, week after week, year after year,  but we seldom read about this in our papers.