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January 8, 2017

Pyjama Palaver

by duncanr

sexy-trolley-ladysome folk in the UK are getting all het up about whether or not it is appropriate to leave the house wearing pyjamas (or as it is now marketed – ‘lounge wear‘)

and this all because one prat man was offended by the sight of two woman wearing nightwear in his local Tesco

personally, I don’t see the problem with this but the bugger has spoilt it for the rest of us ‘cos now Tesco are talking about introducing a dress code for customers to their store –

August 25, 2016

Waiter Does Not Take Kindly to Complaint

by duncanr

diners shotI’m going to go out on a limb here and bet these diners didn’t leave the waiter a tip . . .

December 23, 2015

Mulberry Ad is Not Blasphemous

by duncanr

following a complaint by 42 christians, the UK Advertising Standards Agency has rejected their claim that the following video is blasphemous

arguing, instead, that

“the ad might not be to everyone’s taste, but . . .

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March 27, 2015

Scottish Sense of Honour

by duncanr

A Scot complained on Twitter about some ‘out of date’ produce being sold at a Tesco store

350pxScreen shot 2015-03-26 at 22.11.38

When a Tesco employee replied to his tweet, however, Haraam’s umbrage over the out of date produce conflicted with his sense of honour – leading to this response . . .

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August 13, 2014

How Much ???

by duncanr

sexted200a 55yr old Swedish man who engaged the ‘services’ of two prostitutes, called the cops afterwards to complain because he thought they had overcharged him

Hhmm, so he thought he paid a lot of money for sex with a prostitute ?

That’s nothing to the drain on a man’s wallet in return for sex with his wife !

October 7, 2013

Caption this . . .

by duncanr

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 18.48.17

P.S. better be careful what you say, folks – it only takes one woman out of a population of 67 million people in the UK to take offence at a comment you post about a picture for the police to classify it as a ‘hate incident’ –

You have been warned !

August 4, 2013

Yorkshire Customer Service Fail

by duncanr

ANDYCAP6Yorkshire folk like to pride themselves on their ‘plain speaking’

Sometimes, though, blunt talk is better left unsaid.

It is generally not good business practice, for instance, to call a customer a ‘fat tub of lard‘ –

July 19, 2013

Brummie Life – No 1

by duncanr

learnerO.K. it seems like some of my fellow citizens here in Brum don’t fully grasp the purpose of the ‘999’ emergency phone number – it’s for f*cken Emergencies

Reporting a fire and requesting the presence of some fire-fighters is an Emergency

Requiring medical attention and calling for an ambulance is an Emergency

Reporting a crime in progress to the Police is an Emergency

Using the 999 number to call the police because your driving instructor was late is NOT and emergency –

June 14, 2013

Man Calls Cops to Complain about Ugly Woman

by duncanr

ugly womanMy local Police have released a recording of a 999 call (UK equivalent of 911 call in the USA) from a disgruntled punter on discovering that women are not always as pretty as they are painted

The man had arranged to meet a prostitute outside a hotel. He asked her to . . .

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June 7, 2013

Coitus Rudely Interrupted

by duncanr

no entryA 20 yr old woman, who spotted a couple making love in their car, asked them to stop. When they ignored her, she dialled 911.

When the couple tried to drive off, she repeatedly stood in front of the car to prevent them leaving before the cops arrived

No surprise then that the interfering prude young woman ended up in hospital when the driver of the car ran over her foot when driving off –

Shame, innit !

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