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September 1, 2018

in Kenya, Fishermen use Condoms to . . .

by duncanr

. . . no, not to make water bombs

they’ve come up with a novel use for condoms that could save lives – though they sometimes have a hard time convincing a suspicious wife or girlfriend of the reason they carry a condom in their pocket

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August 2, 2018

Risky Safe Sex

by duncanr

if you or your partner recently bought some durex condoms on sale in the UK or Ireland, you may want to read this . . .


June 2, 2017

Is it for Business or Pleasure?

by duncanr

a pair of hardon-ed criminals used an SUV to penetrate a Las Vegas warehouse and make off with 30,000 condoms

that was just foreplay, however

they came again later and stole a quantity of sex toys, including ‘33 insertable prostate massagers (vibrating butt plugs)‘ – leading a company spokesperson to observe the thieves can ‘go fuck themselves‘ –

February 8, 2014

Better Safe than Sorry

by duncanr

condomsAustralian cops are looking for a man who robbed a service station in Sydney at gunpoint of cash, cigarettes, and condoms

The thief is described as being of caucasian appearance, about 170 centimetres tall, wearing a black beanie and trainers, and with a hard on (

January 10, 2014

Novel Uses for a Condom

by duncanr

condomthe South African governments attempt to combat the spread of STDs by distributing free condoms is being undermined by the elderly snapping up the condoms

not because they are randy auld buggers getting a lot of ‘action’

but because they believe the . . .

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July 3, 2013

Pope Lifts Ban on Condoms

by duncanr

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October 20, 2011

Pronto Condom Applicator

by duncanr

Every now and again, we Madhatters like to depart from the customary style of our posts [described by one regular contributor as ‘vaginal humour’ – whatever that means? ūüėÜ ] to bring you a serious message.

This is just such an occasion

Despite all that has been done to drive home the message about wearing a condom, many couples still aren’t practicing ‘safe sex’

Part of the reluctance to use a condom is the . . .

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January 28, 2011

Crown Jewels Condoms

by duncanr

Forget commemorative tea-towels and crockery to mark the wedding between Prince (doesn’t he look like Diana?) William and Kate (I’d give her one, wouldn’t you?) Middleton

For a mere ¬£5 (a pittance really – what else can you buy for a ‘fiver’ these days?) you could get your hands on the Crown Jewels !!!

Yes, you heard that right – not ¬£20, not ¬£10, not ¬£9 or ¬£8. Not ¬£7, not even ¬£6. For just ¬£5 you can purchase a Royal Wedding Souvenir bo√ģte de capotes.

“Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown Jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure. Truly a King amongst Condoms”

Read more, and purchase your Royal condoms here –

November 20, 2010

Pope Approves Condoms

by duncanr

Pope Benedict appears to have softened his stance on the use of condoms.

Only last year, he condemned their use – causing widespread anger amongst those who see them as a first step to counter the spread of HIV infection, particularly in Africa

The Vatican newspaper, however, has published extracts from a book to be published on Monday by a German journalist based on conversations with the Pope.

When asked about the use of condoms, the Pope replied that they were acceptable – in certain circumstances

Hhmm, now that the Pope has blessed their use so to speak, what next? The Vatican’s ‘Own Brand’ Condoms?

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April 25, 2010

Pope to launch ‘Benedict Brand’ condoms during UK visit.

by NobblySan

Great caricature - from

I used to think they were all stuffy suits in the Foreign Office; but apparently not. It would appear that at least one of them has a joke tee-shirt on under his suit, and probably goes round putting whoopee cushions on chairs before cabinet meetings.

The one sour note in all this, is that the individual with the sense of humour has been reprimanded and moved to another job.

The reason for all this hilarity consternation?…….

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