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March 13, 2018

Cork Cows like ‘Britches full of Stitches’

by duncanr

December 4, 2017

‘One whiff and you’re stiff’

by duncanr

the hitherto little known outside of Ireland village of Ringaskiddy in county Cork – where women are always smiling, men walk with a limp, and dogs have rock hard erections – is going to attract a lot more visitors when this news leaks out –

June 18, 2017

Cork Commemorates Choctaw Kindness

by duncanr

Native American Choctaw leaders have arrived in Ireland to unveil a sculpture celebrating the financial contribution made by the tribe to starving Irish people in 1847

full story –

April 21, 2016

Message to Tric

by duncanr
Me bad ?

Me bad ?

this is a warning to fellow blogger ‘Tric‘ – and all other residents of Cork, in Eire – watch yer arse !

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December 2, 2013

Tips on Opening Bottles

by duncanr

Now, far be it for me to be critical of the ‘hacks’ shown in the above video but . . .

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May 17, 2013

Cork Man gets stuck in McDonalds

by duncanr

A silly McBugger made a big McShake when he sat in a child’s high chair in a Cork, Ireland, branch of McDonalds and got his big MacArse stuck in the chair

Police called upon to help free the man suspect alcohol may have been involved though they are not clear whether he was eating alone or his mates ran off when he got stuck in the chair –


March 28, 2012

Nellie the Elephant . . .

by duncanr

A circus elephant made a run for it in Cork, Ireland

Apparently, one motorist contacted the police to complain the elephant had damaged his car while rampaging through a local carpark

Hhmmm, try telling that to the insurance company !

Full story here –