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April 29, 2014

F*ck the Ducks

by duncanr


February 5, 2014

Council Texts Fat Folk

by duncanr

fat man with phone250editedAround 70,000 adults in Stoke-on-Trent are obese

The local council has a cunning plan, however, to reduce that number – text 500 of the buggers each day with a message designed to help them to lose weight

Some folk, though, think the £10,000 estimated cost of the 10 week scheme is . . .

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June 11, 2012

Liverpudlian Pigeon Lovers Branded Nuts

by duncanr

Liverpool Council are in deep poo for claiming people who feed pigeons are mentally ill.

Unlike these Liverpudlians, on the other hand – – who clearly have no mental health issues

February 10, 2012

Council Employees Murder Frosty

by duncanr

Dead Snowmen

Like butterflies, snowmen have but a brief existence.

They spring to life as soon as snow falls, bringing pleasure to their creators and those who view them.

Not all are pleased to see snowmen, however. Two cold-hearted employees of Hounslow Council stand accused of murder after they were spotted attacking snowmen built by children at Homefield Recreation grounds. One of the employees used a saw to dismember the defenseless snowmen whilst the other was observed ‘sticking the boot in’

The Council has since apologised for the actions of the dastardly duo and moved them to ‘non-snowman’ duties elsewhere

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