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January 9, 2018

Zoo Stocktake

by duncanr

this I think is one of the more enjoyable parts of the job, counting lemurs (BBC reporter)

hhmmm, not sure he’s having as much fun as he claims . . .

March 18, 2017

67, 68, 69 . . .

by duncanr

Bugger, I’ve lost count

there are some concerns about the accuracy of a count at a polling station in the recent elections in the Netherlands stemming from fears the counters may have been distracted by a video screened on the wall of the counting room –

June 5, 2016

The ‘Beep’-ing Count

by duncanr

via B&P

October 17, 2008

Joe Biden for VP

by noseycow

Fortunately he advises on Foreign Policy and not Economic Policy!

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