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June 23, 2018

Welcome to America

by duncanr


October 5, 2016

Making Life that Little bit Easier

by duncanr

to think I’ve been struggling for years to fit clean cover on my king sized duvet (not helped by a pack of dogs getting in the way) –

when it was really this easy . . .


if you all knew about this ‘trick’ already but no bugger thought to tell me about it, I shall be most annoyed !

June 17, 2014

Hover or Cover ?

by duncanr

and now an answer to a burning question on all madhatter minds 😆

July 17, 2013

AHI – No Woman, No Cry

by duncanr

Recorded in a side street off Oxford Circus in London, AHI – with help from his daughter on the chorus – does a brilliant version of this Bob Marley song