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December 18, 2018

You had me at “fart-laced glitter bomb”

by allthoughtswork

How to screw over package thieves, NASA engineer-style.

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August 17, 2018

Gran has Balls

by duncanr

a would-be mugger got a nasty surprise when he tried to rob 74 year-old grandmother, Brenda Stinson . . .

I grabbed him between his legs. I grabbed him good between his legs

full story here –

June 10, 2016

Smart Arse and Arseholes

by duncanr

Gawd, I hate a show-off !

I think the 1st girl in this next video has been taking lessons from the guy above !

May 11, 2016

Ex Arrested for Paint Job

by duncanr

cheetera South Carolina man was arrested after a police officer spotted him in a store parking lot vandalising his ex-girl-friend’s car by painting ‘CHEETER‘ across the passenger side of the vehicle

36-year-old Timothy Lee Trammell claimed he did so because he was mad at his ‘ex’ and wanted revenge – though not as mad as she at him, I bet, when she saw the damage to her car!

he has since been charged with ‘two counts of possession of a controlled substance, simple possession of marijuana and vandalism of property‘ –

[no charge, though, for being crap at spelling !]

May 9, 2016

Cambridge Cops Cunning Crime-Cutting Scheme

by duncanr

Cambridge cops have come up with a novel crime prevention idea –

new police tacticwino cop red pants

May 2, 2016

Facing the Lion

by duncanr

tables turnedmadhatters has not always been called that

we had a different name once

when we decided a change was in order, we asked for suggestions and created a poll so folk could vote for their favourite

it was a close run thing but Madhatters emerged as the eventual winner – thanks to a late surge of votes from South Africa

there were suspicions that . . .

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April 19, 2016

Don’t Mess with Her !

by duncanr

a Normandy shopkeeper fought off an armed man who demanded money from the till – after first putting down a customer’s newborn baby she was cradling

two shots were fired but no-one was injured – the gun was loaded with blanks

another customer, wielding a stool, helped the shopkeeper tackle the would-be robber – but watch the reaction (or non-reaction) of another customer who ignored the whole proceeding !

February 25, 2016

Saga Louts

by duncanr

seems Monty Python were prescient given this news – Silver-haired ‘Saga louts’ causing trouble in the Lake District

January 13, 2016

Cops and Robbers

by duncanr

thieving copsometimes the cops and the robbers are not two separate entities – the cops are the robbers !

December 17, 2015

Save Money on Xmas Shopping

by duncanr

XMAS TREE THIEFXmas can be an expensive time of the year – what with the tree, decorations, pressies, extra food and drink

these 2 enterprising Yorkshire lads, though, managed to save some money on the tree –