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September 10, 2018

Criticising Trump

by duncanr


June 28, 2018

Woman Adds Poison to Dhal

by duncanr

some folk don’t take kindly to criticism, no matter how justified it may be

clearly this woman is one of those –

November 26, 2016

A Word to the Wife

by duncanr


January 19, 2015

Fuck the Pope

by duncanr

as Popes go, I have been rather impressed with Pope Francis. Compared to his predecessors, he has a lot more going for him than did they – [mind you, they set a pretty low bar for him to beat]

however, his remarks the other day, expressing his opinion that religious faith should be exempt from criticism or mockery and if not, might then justly merit a violent response from those offended, showed he has not entirely separated himself from the arrogant beliefs of earlier Bishops of Rome

me and nobbly weren’t the only ones to raise an eyebrow at Frankie’s comment

this guy was pretty annoyed with it, too . . .

September 27, 2012

A Sikh Lady’s Response to Mockery

by duncanr

An anonymous contributor to the website Reddit snapped this pic of a Sikh lady waiting in line and posted it to the site for a bit of a laugh. As he expected, lots of folk poked fun at the lady’s appearance, particularly her facial hair

Balpreet Kaur

Somehow, the lady learned about the post and – having read the comments on her picture – sent in the following note . . .

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