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May 15, 2017

Praying Pastor falls Prey to Crocs

by duncanr

We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week

yeah, I don’t understand it either, mate !

September 4, 2016

Battle at Kruger

by duncanr

August 8, 2015

Croc Attacks Dog

by duncanr

croc dog walkif you’re a dog lover/owner – like me – get yourself a box of tissues before clicking on this link –

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April 6, 2015

Croc Beaten by Woman

by duncanr

fucken bitch hit me !

fucken bitch hit me !

a crocodile living in the Vishwamitri river was just settling down to a spot of lunch when it was savagely attacked by a woman armed with a wooden bat

the Times of India has the full story of this brutal assault –

December 5, 2014

Fore !

by duncanr

croc and golf ballsometimes I despair at the standard of journalism nowadays

the New York Post, for instance, reports the death of a man killed by a crocodile on a south african golf-course while retrieving golf balls from a lake after being challenged by a fellow golfer to see who could gather the most balls –

the report only tells half the story, however – missing, is crucially important information, e.g., which of the two men had the most balls, and was the deceased golfer using a mashie, niblick, brassie, or a baffy ?

September 21, 2014

Man vs Croc

by duncanr

Bastard poked me fucken eyes out !

Bastard poked me fucken eyes out !

if ever they decide to make another Crocodile Dundee film and need a replacement for Paul Hogan, might I suggest they look no further than this guy –

July 10, 2014

Mexican Mayor into Bestiality

by duncanr

croc in love150the mayor of a Mexican fishing village has married a crocodile

apparently, he thinks she is a princess

yeah. I thought that about my 1st wife

I was wrong

I suspect the mayor is too

I have one piece of advice for him . . .

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June 27, 2014

Croc Eats Bear

by duncanr

me bad ?

me bad ?

It was funny,” Ms Tribelhorn said – and I thought so too when I read this story, but I doubt the children present thought so – poor buggers are probably psychologically damaged for life now

which just goes to prove how differently adults and children view the world

Full story here –

WARNING – Contains Graphic Image !