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May 20, 2018

A Question of Size : BBC Trolls Trump

by duncanr

as BBC pointed out, a bigly huge crowd gathered for the royal wedding . . .


February 17, 2016

Pope Pissed Off

by duncanr

pope pulled over

what’s got the Pope so angry ?

click here –

May 29, 2015

Saints and Sinners

by duncanr

there’s enough shit on the news every day to show that in every part of the world folk can be right bastards towards one another

then, occasionally, something happens to remind one of the other side of human nature

50 -100 people in Walthamstow, London, rushed to the aid of a cyclist trapped underneath a double-decker bus – managing to lift the bus of the man’s crushed legs before paramedics arrived on the scene

full story here –

May 19, 2014

Chinese Man Entertains Crowd

by duncanr

people pointing up180“People brought along ice creams and beer. They really enjoyed it’, said Meng-Lee Fook

“It has become something of a circus for onlookers”, said a police spokesman

Several folk in the crown took photos – asking the guy to turn this way and that so they could get a better shot

it’s better than watching TV said one of the audience gathered to watch

after being heckled by the crowd, however, the young man walked off the stage – leaving the crowd ‘disappointed’ (?)

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