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June 27, 2015

Madhatter Alert : Avoid this Woman !

by duncanr

purely out of health and safety regards, we publish this video as a warning to guys who may be thinking of dating this girl

one wrong move or word out of place during lovemaking could see your nuts getting crushed

you have been warned !

P.S. video is best viewed with volume OFF !

September 13, 2012

Hillsborough Report

by duncanr

15th April 1989 sticks in my mind for a number of reasons . . .

I had a shag (and no it wasn’t my birthday), got blootered, and a lot of people died

It was a special day because me and the missus got married in the morning, then moved on to a hotel for a meal and a bevy with family and friends. Mid-afternoon, my sister and brother in law offered to look after the kids for a couple of hours while me and Anita nipped home to take the dogs out for a walk, consummate our marriage before we were both to drunk to do so, then get changed and rejoin the party later at the club down the road

Around the time we were at it like rabbits (I was a lot younger then, remember) . . .

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