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March 20, 2012

Doctors Coordinate of Damascus

by duncanr

They have organised themselves into cells operating independently of one another so that if member of one cell is captured and tortured only their own cell will be compromised – they will not be able to pass on any information that would endanger other cells.

It is very dangerous. In the beginning we were afraid to work. But . . . Our role, as doctors, is to treat the injured, whoever they are . . . We set up field hospitals in basements, farms, abandoned building, even cars . . . So far I believe 54 medical staff have been killed, including nurses, doctors and medical students.

What motivates me? My honour, my duty as a doctor.

When we graduated from medical school we took the Hippocratic oath. And the way that I was raised, my religion, everything. I’m part of the human race, and I need to honour this oath, as a doctor and as a human.